Terms and Conditions

Reminder of Terms and Conditions Brand New – never worn comes with package.


 However if you have an issue please email us at contact@mybestbeautyoutlet.com. Processing time is 7-10 business days. .  WE DO NOT SHIP TO PO BOX! Products are not shipped out until payment has been fully cleared by your banking institution. This can take 3-5 business days depending on your banking institution. Please expect an email with tracking information ba sed on your address provided. If you have an issue please email us at contact@mybestbeautyoutlet.com.

 Custom made wigs which include coloring can take up to 7-30 business days to make depending on complexity. My Best Beauty Outlet is not responsible for any custom fees for international orders. The price does not include custom fees, as custom fees vary country to country and are out of my control. Our hair will contain short hairs as it is human hair and lengths of human hair will vary. We suggest using a hot comb with a light holding spray to lay down the short hairs.

Unfortunately, I will never be able to capture a hair’s exact color on camera. There are so many variables: outdoor vs. indoor lighting. Direct sunlight vs. indirect. Computer screen versus phone screen. To ask which color is accurate would be impossible to answer, as it all depends on your setting. I always do my best to capture the most accurate color for listings, but please be aware that it still may vary.


 Once the 50% deposit payment is accepted, the customer agrees to My best Beauty Outlet Wigs Terms and Conditions and Wig Reservation Terms and Conditions. SCHEDULE OF WORK Day 1: 50% deposit payment is received- this deposit is non refundable Day 45: 50% balance payment must be paid via invoice sent customer can request the payments are broken down into any manner they are comfortable with within the 45 day time limit. Product is shipped 15-30 days after balance is paid on the 45th day based on the complexity of the wig. If balance is paid prior to the 45th day, production of unit may or may not be accelerated.

If balance is paid late, (after the 45th day), order is not guaranteed to complete in 15-30 days. When balance is not paid on time, it disrupts the pre-set production slot reserved for your wig, and a new production completion schedule must be created which normally is longer than 15 days after late balance payment is received. RECEIPT OF PAYMENTS Customer can opt to submit the deposit and balance payment via credit or debit card. Wig reservation payments must be paid for as agreed and must be paid in full before the product is shipped to you or construction begins. TERM OF PLAN The term of the payment arrangement is 45 days from the original date of deposit. If you require an extension longer than 45 days to pay, please send an email to: . contact@mybestbeautyoutlet.com may extend the due date an additional 15 days maximum for a $15 fee per 15 days.

WIG RESERVATION FEE The Wig Reservation fee is a $15 non-refundable fee required for the administration and execution of the deposit plan. The $15 reservation fee is due when the 50% balance payment is collected 45 days from deposit payment. Taxes and shipping A nonrefundable fee for taxes and shipping must be paid for the full amount in additional to the 50% deposit.

UNCLAIMED ITEMS Wig reservation orders are considered unclaimed if the balance remains unpaid for over 50 days from the date of deposit. My Best Beauty Outlet will send a Notice of Forfeiture to the customer and a 70% penalty will be assessed against the payments collected. The remaining 30% will be refunded. The $15 reservation fee is non-refundable, shipping and taxes are not refundable. No refunds or store credit will be issued in lieu of the 70% penalty. Our Customer Care department and representatives are available to assist and answer customer questions prior to opening a wig reservation. Please make use of this resource.

If you need a rush on your wig please contact us and let us know. Extra fees may apply. Due to COVID-19 and civil unrest please expect delays in shipping. We are a global company with partners all around the globe. We are headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to travel of our representatives and CEO your package may come from overseas such as Asia, Europe or Russia. We source our hair from many different countries including Asia and Russia. Please note you may receive emails from My Best Beauty Outlet to confirm shipping your shipping address. If you receive an international tracking number please, do not be alarmed, it is a package from My Best Beauty outlet and it is still the custom made, high quality products we provide.

 If you provide an incorrect address for your invoice and we have to change the address after we have processed the shipping there is a $30 fee. Please look over the address in the invoice carefully as that is where we will ship the wig. Due to local reasons in US, the transit time and delivery scope of express service may be affected to a certain extent. It may cause potential pickup delay in US and package loss/damage, delay and other risks in the last mile delivery. Please be noticed and pay more attention to shipping and notify us of any concerns AFTER calling SF Express at 855-901-1133. Mon to Fri: 6:00~17:00 (PST) Sat: 08:00-1200 Sun & Public Holiday: Closed