Here is some more information about My Best Beauty Outlet


Started in Atlanta, Georgia, My Best Beauty Outlet was started out of a need. In 2018 Yvette and her husband started traveling to Asia. One of her friends who suffered with hair loss suggested that she bring some high-quality hair back for her as she could not find the hair that she needed at the price she could afford. Always having a love and passion for hair, extensions and wigs Yvette took on this new challenge to help her friend with gusto! After visiting factories and learning about the hair industry while living in Asia, Yvette found several good and honest hair suppliers. She bought the hair for her friend and was able to return two-thirds of the money her friend sent as a budget. Her friend was shocked and sent two more people to her, soon a budding business began to blossom, and My Best Beauty Outlet was formed.

However, after learning how some of the hair was sourced Yvette become distraught, she knew that she and many women were contributing to the unethical treatment of the women, children and men who were donating their hair. Yvette spent a year talking to and connecting with the actual donors of her hair, she learned how to source her own hair. She works very hard to make sure that each person is paid a fair amount when they sell their hair. She has seen the money from hair she has purchased be used for school uniforms, to buy a wood stove to heat a house and to help buy meat for families throughout the harsh winter months. Her passion for people first allows her to make a connection and learning about the natural way women in a remote Russian village use mustard on their hair to keep it bright and beautiful ! For the Sassy Synthetic line, we work very closely with a small community to ensure high quality synthetic fibers are used to provide beautiful hair at an affordable price.